-=-=-Our New & Improved Bar Menu-=-=-


Grilled Cheese  $7
6 month cheddar + raclette on baguette

Beer Cheese + Salami  $7
our signature spicy beer cheese with Molinari spicy sopressata and pickles, toasted on baguette

Grilled Cheese + Ham  $7
aka "fromage fort" amongst the fancy, with herbed Italian ham and honey mustard, toasted on baguette

Prosciutto + Provolone $7
cured Italian prosciutto with provolone and pesto, toasted on a baguette


Sigmund's Pretzel $3.5
toasted with spicy honey mustard

Pretzel Party!!! $8
2 pretzels toasted with sides of spicy honey mustard, spicy beer cheese, bacon aioli, and cinnamon cream cheese for dipping (Extra dip for just $1! )


Cheese and Meat Plate $15 / 3 var.
daily selections from our cheese monger, served with crostini and jam or mustard